Through arts education programs and more, Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center enriches the lives of thousands of underserved youth in the Maryland school systems, empowering them to develop their artistic talents and achieve their greatest potential. Since its inception in 2004, LTYC has continuously expanded its programming, geographic outreach, and calendar, building more and stronger relationships among students, families, and the community.

  • LTYC’s innovative ARTS CORE (Acheiving Results by Transforming Students through Creative, Open, Reflective Expression) programming now encompasses a broad spectrum of creative and performing arts, from visual arts to theater. While students pursue their “personal bests” in the arts, they also learn leadership skills and are propelled toward academic success.
  • Through a growing roster of school partnerships within the Baltimore City Public School System, Prince George's County school system and the Archdiocese of Baltimore,  LTYC has increased its presence in a greater number of communities. Not only have programs become more accessible to more youths in more areas, LTYC has stabilized participating youth in a programmatic structure that both stimulates their innate talents and reiterates academics.
  • LTYC has introduced initiatives to support youths with care and understanding as they experience stress, grief, loss and trauma.
  • LTYC now provides year-round opportunities and resources to youths. This is the result of conscientious efforts to build a comprehensive calendar of programs that operate during school, after school and during the summer.
  • Recognizing that it is imperative to include community parents in supporting youth, with respect to their goals and overall success rate, LTYC has designated a component in its program to acknowledge the efforts of parents; support them in their endeavors; and empower them to recognize the colossal difference their presence makes in their children’s academic environment.

Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center has captured the bigger picture of what today’s youth require and what they are capable of achieving. We will continue to make an impact as we look towards the future.

Letter From Our Founder/President
Letter From Our Executive Director

More LTYC Successes
  • Financial Literacy Workshops for Baltimore City Recreation and Parks (4 sessions)
  • Leadership Workshops Series (9 sessions)
  • Leadership Workshop for B.U.I.L.D. Youth Group
  • Leadership Workshop for Partners in Progress, Inc.
  • Partnership with Baltimore City Public School System (Serving 12 Schools 2010-2012)
  • Program Development for Living Word Summer Camp
  • Facilitation of Character Building Workshop with Emerging Ladies, Inc.
  • Summer Program Partnership with the Ray Lewis Foundation (2010)
  • Charitable Partnership with Dr. D.L. Wortham Scholarship Fund
  • Partnership with nonprofit organizations for charity (Ray Lewis Foundation and The Rotary Club International)
  • Professional Development for the Baltimore City Public School System Special Education Program
  • Professional and Leadership Development for B.U.I.L.D.
  • Partnership with Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems
  • Collaboration with the Strengthening Families Program
  • Collaboration with Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation
  • Partnership with Springboard to Opportunities
  • Partnership with Excel Beyond the Bell
  • Received Funding from Family League
  • Featured on Midday Maryland, Channel 2 (ABC)