Urban Arts Educators Academy

For the last 15 years, LTYC has had the unique opportunity to serve in many urban communities. In that time, we have found it necessary and beneficial to train our staff-comprised of both veterans and new
teachers on practices that speak specifically to teaching the arts to youth who are growing up in these sometimes challenging environments.

Based around principles of relationships, curriculum, and delivery, The Urban Arts Educators Academy
is a menu of course offerings that will help to prepare arts instructors who wish to work in these
populations. Connecting instruction to students experiences and ideas of race, culture and socio
economic background is the foundation upon which arts instruction in an urban environment is built.
Through intense instruction, dialogue, workshops, and experiential learning, participants will earn a
certificate that will help them to support students in these populations by beating the odds, and
through the arts, excel in academics and beyond.


  • Designed to increase diversity amongst arts educators by building a pipeline and network for new and accomplished arts instructors, who seek to impact students in low income, under resourced schools and communities
  • The UAEA will offer professional development and network building opportunities to develop and empower tomorrow's leaders. UAEA participants will go through an intensive training that includes master classes from veteran teachers in the field, hands on experiential learning, and a project where they must implement their learning and demonstrate how being a part of the UAEA has evolved them as an educator and human being.
  • The development of UAEA has been guided by the need demonstrated in schools for instructors that are well versed not only in content, but in working with students that live in urban and metropolitan environments as well.

To find out more, email UAEA@ltyc.net.