The After School Performing and Creative Arts Program provides a safe, structured, home-away-from-home environment for youth on school days, 2:00 - 8:00 p.m. Focusing on the concepts of the LTYC summer program, it offers students positive, productive experiences, while deterring experimentation with drugs, sex, gangs, and crime. After school programming also assists parents who must work evening hours or cannot be present for their children for extended periods of time. Transportation services are available, and participating youths enjoy a healthy snack and dinner.

The Performing and Creative Arts Summer Program strives to promote students' artistic development, academic performance, and healthy lifestyle engagement. Over an 8-week period, youths receive educational support, life skills training, mentoring services, recreation and plenty of field trips. They receive before and after care, breakfast, lunch, and a snack. The program culminates with a performance-centered, catered event for families, during which awards and certificates are distributed to participants.

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