LTYC’s mentoring program— 1:1 Arts Support— uses a one-to-one approach to provide exposure to and skills training in the arts, allowing young people to experience the many therapeutic benefits of the arts.

Originally designed for youths who are in foster care and/or receive mental health or social services, LTYC offers 1:1 Art Support training in students’ homes and in the community as a part of their treatment module.

Our measurable outcomes include youth and their families having more access to resources, contributing more positively in their schools and neighborhoods, and having the ability to express themselves in creative ways that are positive and promote healing. Each youth’s needs will be unique and so will require a specific and unique measurement but in general the evaluation and measurements of success will include pre and post surveys and interviews, student written reflections, a portfolio of artistic work generated, family and school assessment and meetings to track youth’s progress.