Virtual Arts Classes


An instructor will lead virtual classes through an agreed-upon Learning Management System. Classes will meet at designated times as assigned by the principal.

Assignments will be given on a weekly basis, and the instructor will hold several office hours weekly to engage student questions. 


Virtual Arts Master Classes

LTYC's master class series allows a professional artist to engage in your virtual classroom around a particular topic. Students will develop advanced skills in an arts topic around content creation and development.


Virtual Arts Guest Speaker 

LTYC’s arts educators are now available to participate in your digital classroom as a guest speaker or to answer student questions. Our team has backgrounds in visual arts, dance, theatre, music, creative writing, media arts, arts integration, and more!


Virtual Arts 1:1 Sessions

Guided by an experienced professional and facilitator, students have the opportunity to participate in one on one virtual arts enrichment instruction, arranged by appointment via school administration. Meetings will take place weekly with the instructor for 1 hour.

During these sessions, students and instructors will log in to the learning academy portal and virtually interact during their designated timeframe. These sessions can be guided by the instructor, through a predetermined syllabus designed by LTYC, or can be guided by the student if there are specific outcomes they are working towards such as: preparing for an audition, dance recital, arts jury, concert, etc.


Virtual Arts Field Trips

Unlock a world of curiosity and creativity as you take students on a journey that goes beyond the classroom and their homes. Through LTYC's virtual arts field trips, students still have a window into the world of the arts through gallery walks, theatre tours, and much more! Take your students to a whole new world today!
Coming Soon!


Virtual Community & Parent Arts

Keep your parents and families engaged through unique arts experiences such as:
Interactive virtual tour of a museum 
Virtual paint night 
Sing a longs
Dance offs
Flash mobs
Virtual cold readings
Mock auditions