Behavioral/Mental Health and Behavior Intervention Services

Many Maryland youth face perplexing challenges in their relationships with their parents and within their family hierarchy. These challenges directly impact their potential for success. For families with such dynamics in the home, LTYC  provides referral services and community resources, as well as clinical social workers and parent support counselors, to help families build stronger support systems.

Parent Empowerment

The Parent Empowerment Team (PET) program seeks to increase parent participation in the academic structure of the school, support parents by structuring after school extra curricular activities for students, and empower parents to model excellence and responsibility for the students.

PET helps LTYC measure how well the program is being implemented and received by the school and community by establishing attainable objectives, designating timelines for the objectives to be assessed for follow-through, and assessing program outcomes relative to objectives.


The result is a clear picture of what is working for the school community and the areas in which improvement is needed, which assist in future program planning and budgeting.