Creative Arts Workshops

LTYC Creative Arts workshops introduce students to a conservatory model based structure of arts learning, LTYC’s ARTS CORE (Achieving Results by Transforming Students through Creative, Open, Reflective Expression) helping students find ways to express themselves artistically, while simultaneously supporting ways of thinking and learning that benefit them academically.  Elements of leadership are embedded in this workshop, as students are exposed to a variety of instruction that promotes them becoming better artists and citizens. This interactive creative arts workshop focuses on students creating, performing, producing, presenting, responding and connecting in the arts. Through practical and experiential learning, students will collaborate to make meaning through the arts and understand how the arts connect to their daily lives.

In LTYC’s Creative Arts Workshop, students are exposed to:

•Beginning acting techniques like improvisation
•Processes of creating works of art
•Critiquing works of art self-expression
•Elements of teamwork
•Self-esteem exercises

Life Skills Workshops

To complement its in-school and after school programming, LTYC holds interactive workshops in important life skills:

  • Leadership
  • Financial Literacy
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Sex Education
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Gang & Bullying Education
  • Career Choices
  • Deterrent interventions for substance use, premature sexual relationships, sexuality, gang involvement

Life Skills Workshops take an intentionally creative approach to learning. They are conducted in a safe, nurturing environment, using positive reinforcement. Life Skills workshops emphasize student interaction and group discussion to expand social skills and encourage application of new insights to real life experiences. The workshops help students broaden their outlooks on various aspects of life, acquire new interests, and learn to become leaders and role models to other youth.