Introducing ART Now!

Introducing ART Now, a program brought to you by LTYC LEARN. Each week, LTYC will continue to deliver a virtual arts lesson in one of our offered contents for you to experience in the comfort of your own home. ART Now adjoins perfectly with our sharing season celebration and serves as LTYCs virtual response to ensure that students and artists can participate in arts learning anywhere, and at any time. Through arts tutoring, virtual classes, webinars and more, the Performing and Creative arts can always be right in the palm of your hands. It is one of the many new programs that will be introduced in the coming months as part of LTYCs newest initiative, LTYC LEARN. 

Click below to view and try these awesome ART Now Lessons at home!

ART Now Lesson 1
ART Now Lesson 2
ART Now Lesson 3
ART Now Lesson 4
ART Now Lesson 5
ART Now Lesson 6
ART Now Lesson 7
ART Now Lesson 8
ART Now Lesson 9