Need to enrich your children this summer? Help them make the most of their time with interactive arts camps taught by experts, artists, and practitioners. Each week and session consists of five days starting on Monday and ending on Friday, either in the morning or afternoon. Themes change weekly so sign up for one session, or as many as you like! Multiple sessions means a variety of arts experiences and opportunities. We're adding new details every day so be sure to check often! 


Enjoy weekly sessions in the following contents:

LTYC LEARN's Virtual Arts Camp is 5 weeks of online arts for students and families. Through live virtual classrooms, portfolio creation, virtual field trips, and home-based projects, LTYC LEARN camp will ignite creativity and inspire us all to reimagine the art of learning. LTYC LEARN is a space to share ideas and resources, access creative opportunities and experiences, and collaborate with a network of other art lovers your age.

In addition to the virtual learning that will take place, students will receive a digital badge at the conclusion of a session. This digital badge represents a student’s achievements with a link to a portfolio of evidence. A college, employer, or teacher could view a portfolio and student-generated work.

Accepting youth in grade (3-8) and all skill levels. 


Online weekly sessions, Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:00PM
Session 1: 7/12/21-7/16/21 

Music "Collaborate In Harmony" 

Students will discover how to make sound come alive in the form of making music with vocal and instrumental techniques. Each student (dreamer) will create music inspired by diverse and inspirational recording artists. Tangible and digital resources (found objects and Chrome Music Lab) will allow each student the chance to create and manipulate inspirational sounds, beats, and rhythms that motivate them to collaborate and make harmonious music.

Session 2: 7/19/21-7/23/21

Dance "Let Leadership Move You"

Students will come up with ideas as to what a leader is and how leaders can cultivate growth and change in their community through the art of movement. All students will use various dance genres to demonstrate the power of leadership by becoming a choreographer. Dance steps and movements will be dictated and lead by the students while using inspiration from virtual applications like tik tok and master artists from diverse cultural backgrounds in the field of dance.

Session 3: 7/26/21-7/30/21

Theatre "Lights, Community, ACTION"

Students will discover how to elicit change within themselves in order to be curators of change within their community with an inspirational theatrical performance. Students will have the opportunity to use costumes, props, and scene decor to put together an LTYC original play. Improv and acting games will be used as a way to elevate student confidence while using creative solutions to cultivate a strong sense of community.


Session 4: 8/2/21-8/6/21

Visual Arts "Creative Diversity"

Students will be inspired by diverse creative voices in visual art. All activities will allow students to celebrate a wide representation of cultures and creative genres in order to gain inspiration in art forms such as painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, and crafting. Students will be given the opportunity to create a series of personally meaningful artworks inspired by artists that embody and symbolize the importance of cultural representation. Each student will design a virtual and in-person gallery of their work that will result in a final creative showcase!


Session 5: 8/9/21-8/13/21

Art of Words "Creating Confidence"

Students will learn how to create pieces of writing with a strong voice and sense of content. Connections will be made with how words can affect future ambitions with the positive influence of master spoken word artists, poets, and authors. Each student will write and perform work that will allow them to express themselves in a meaningful way by the use of journaling, sketching, and virtual media. All artists will also be able to create audio tracks of their work to share with their family, friends, and community.


Each student will experience class during a session in theatre, music, dance, visual art, and creative writing. The maximum class size is 16 participants. Supplies lists may be provided for families to purchase supplies for classes. 

All students will belong to a small cohort based on age, with time to participate in group activities, build friendships and LEARN! Our daily showcase and weekly special events are an opportunity for our scholars and staff to perform and witness other performers. 

See Sample Daily Schedule HERE.


Weekly tuition is $50, including a one-time $10 non-refundable application and registration fee. 


Classes are taught by a special team of professional artists and educators. This group of VIPs is gathering virtually - from near and far - to plan an unforgettable summer program. Instructors have training and experience teaching online. 

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