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  • School Based Arts

  • After School & Summer Based Arts

  • Workshops

  • Behavior Intervention

  • 1:1 Arts Mentoring

  • Family Support

  • Professional Development

School Based Arts

LTYC’s school based arts programs strengthen and supplement arts instruction in persistently low-performing schools. They offer students intense, rigorous training in the performing and creative arts at a pre-professional level.

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After School & Summer Based Arts

After school, students enjoy positive creative, academic and lifestyle experiences with LTYC. Working parents rest assured that their children are in a safe, structured, nurturing environment. LTYC's 8-week summer program offers youths educational support, life skills training, mentoring services, meals, snacks, recreation and field trips. It culminates with a very special family event featuring awards and certificates.

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LTYC offers interactive, nurturing workshops in both important life skills and creative arts. These help students broaden their outlooks on various aspects of life, acquire new interests, and learn to become leaders and role models to other youth.

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Behavior Intervention

The Behavior Intervention Program (BIP) is a School Based program geared specifically towards children, adolescents and teenagers who need intensive services in a school setting.

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1:1 Arts Mentoring

1:1 Arts Support is LTYC’s mentoring program for youths in foster care and/or receiving mental health or social services. Through this one-to-one approach, young people can experience the many therapeutic benefits of the arts.

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Family Support

LTYC provides referral services, community resources, clinical social workers and Parent Empowerment Teams (PET) to help families overcome challenging home dynamics that may impact their children’s potential for success. Parents are integral to our process of measuring program success, and plan for the future.

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Professional Development

LTYC is now launching their Professional Development services with an emphasis on Art Integration and the Arts and Common Core. Through one time workshops, multiple sessions, or one on one coaching, participants will be exposed to hands-on techniques and strategies to implement into their daily teaching practice.

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LTYC News & Events

July 25, 2020

“Improvisational Theatre for Grades 6-12”

MCA's Summer Theatre Education Workshops in partnership with LTYC

Description: Improvisation skills are the foundation of any successful performance. Teamwork, listening, spontaneity, and thinking on your feet. Youth will use improvisation exercises to increase performance skills, awaken creativity and learn to work with others to accomplish common goals. Scenes developed out of this creative process will result in youth writing brief, original scripts to share and test out with the group.

Questions? Email Dana Carr at dana.carr@ltyc.net or Amanda Pugh at apugh@mdcfa.org.

July 25, 2020

“Exploring Theatre and Story-telling” for Grades K-5

MCA's Summer Theatre Education Workshops in partnership with LTYC presents "Exploring Theatre & Story-telling" for Grades K-5 Virtual Theatre Workshop

Description: Theatre is all about bringing stories to life! Youth will explore places, people, and objects to collaborate to create their own unique performance using drama, movement and design. Theatre games are incorporated to help students to be able to creatively express their thoughts and feelings, as well as learn the basic elements of storytelling.

Questions? Email Dana Carr at dana.carr@ltyc.net or Amanda Pugh at apugh@mdcfa.org.

June 22, 2020

Imagining Our Stories Through The Arts

Take a journey through the world of traditional storytelling and the ways we currently use social media and other tools to tell our stories. Using the arts as a guiding force, participants will explore the creative process to envision, create, and share the stories they want to tell.

Presented in partnership with Enoch Pratt Free Library.

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